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About us

We would like to share to you our history and provide you with some much needed information about how the previous generations brought us to the point we are today.

Guru Kalgidhar Sahib Gurdwara's regular sangat (congregation) mostly comprises of the Bhatra Sikh community. May we emphasise we are not promoting caste or showing any superiority towards any other community within Sikhism. Our aim is simply to provide you with the rich history of the local Bhat Sikh community in Leeds. We hope this evokes a positive image in your mind of our forefathers who pioneered for the future that we have reaped today. 

We opened a Gurdwara on Chapeltown Road where we had many happy years doing Sunday diwans and holding many akandh paths to celebrate/commemorate our happy and yet sad Sikh history. It was only years down the line that we realised that 128 Chapeltown Road couldn't cater for our ever growing sangat and decided that we should move. We purchased a much larger building on Cowper Street, in April 2008 we opened to the UK sangat. This current building is where we hold Sunday diwans akandh paths keeping in line with the Sikh teachings. This building is perfect for our ever growing sangat and in addition we aim to maintain the hard work of our previous generations and we hope with hard work and dedication like our previous generations, we can safe guard our sangat's future.

We hope we have provided you with some information into our history and our promising future.


Picture sent in Courtesy Of G.S.Gola

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